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July 05 2015

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June 29 2015

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March 31 2015

Street art in Leipzig.
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Saw this outside my college campus

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December 23 2014

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The Earth is lumpy.

I was not aware of this. thank you

this makes so much sense but it makes me so uncomfortable 

i wish i hadn’t seen this

One time my bf was telling me about people who argue about intelligent creation by saying “the earth is perfectly round!” And I said “but it isn’t!” And he was so proud of me

Ew the earth looks bad

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October 13 2014

Reasons for Cash, No 94 via Poorly Drawn Lines
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October 05 2014

Keep off our worms
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The Adventures of Prince Achmen.
1926. German.
The oldest surviving animated film in history.

Nonono, you don’t understand how AWESOME this movie is

because it’s not done by a big production firm, or someone with a name as big as Walt Disney, no

the writer and “mind” behind this film was a WOMAN

yes, my dear tumblr peeps, the very first trick animator in the world was a young German woman who had an idea, and enough friends and time to make a feature-length animated film. And it took her three years

because the way this movie (and some shorter works she actually did before Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed) are done is really, really complex. You see those leaves, and the hair of the figures? Yes.

That’s hand-cut paper.

Lotte Reiniger - that’s her name, my friends - always loved the art beind the Chinese shadow puppetry, and after she heard a lecture by Paul Wegener (famous vor the early movies Der Golem and Der Student von Prag) about the possibilites of animated movies, she wanted to combine these two things.

And guys, how she combined it…

Most of the puppets and scenerey she made all by herself. Her friends set up a special table that was lighted from underneath, and in the later movies she would even change the colours of the background mid-scene to change the atmosphere. Above it was a camera, shooting photos of the scenes that she moved milimetre for milimetre for those 16 pictures per second she needed for her movie.

Which makes Die Abenteuer von Prinz Achmed not only the first animated feature-length movie, but also the first stop-motion movie.

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Also, why do their mouths smile, but their eyes say "kill me"?
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September 15 2014

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